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Outdoor Playground

  • Outdoor Playground KR011B
Outdoor Playground KR011B

Outdoor Playground KR011B

  • Model No.: KR14-011B
  • Size: 7.4*7*4.1m
  • Certificate: CE, ROHS, ISO9001, TUV, SGS
  • Product description: General Slide, Tube Slide,Climbing Net, Walk Ladder,Partition,Platform, etc.

Amusement park kids new style outdoor playground equipment

Material: Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE from Korea.
Post: National standard galvanized steel pipe.
Deck, stair, bridge: Wood inside with Soft Covering PVC.

This is a fantasy word,where there are magical plants cute elves,ancient dilapidated old house and the brave little friends.It will take you to the adventures journey full of magical.Designer’s idea is to allow children to experience the magic of fantasy dreams.Living in an enchanted house,playing with the elves is a wonderful thing.It also expresses the harmony and happiness of the family.


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