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1. If I want customized design, what should I provide?

We need your exact location size and you better provide CAD drawing in dwg format.

2. How to install the trampoline park? Do you  provide installation service?

We will provide you professional detailed installation drawings for your reference.Besides, our professional installation team can also provide you installation serive.

3. How long does the equpiment generally take from design to installation?

Generally it will take 1-2 months.

Area less than 200sqm: 15-20days;

200-1000sqm: 25-30days;

Above 1000sqm: please confirm delivery time with us.

4.Do you provide free accessories?

Yes we will provide such free accessories as springs, screws etc. quantity based on your location.

5. How high is the standard layer height for indoor playground? How many layers can it be? is there any limit for the lowest height of the place?

The standard layer height is 1.4m/layer.Generally we recommend you to make it no more than 5 layers, and the lowest height is no less than 2.5m.

6.What is the age range for indoor playground?

In order to meet the needs of kids in the different age range, and consider the safety, generally indoor playground should be divided into two areas: one is the toddler area which is suitable for 0-3 years old kids, and the other is the main function area which is suitable for 3-15 years old kids. 

7. What kind of safety standard does your trampolines apply for? Do you have any certificates for your material?

Our trampolines are complied with ASTM & TUV & CE & ROHS standard in the design  and production process, and all materials have the related certificates to assure the safety accordinlgy.


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